• Sammy Burt

Eveleigh's of Bath - the story so far

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Having started Eveleigh's of Bath in May 2016 as a cafe in Weston village we served fabulous food and drinks to customers who fast became friends. We learnt a huge amount, we tripped over a couple of times and had a huge amount of fun.

We started catering for outside parties, hosting Supper Clubs and popping up at festivals and fetes! This was brilliant, but on top of the cafe... it was exhausting!

Two and a half years on we welcomed James Henry into our family, our first son, and made the tough decision that time as a family was more important than running all areas of the business.

We were lucky enough to close the cafe and spend 5 months together as a new family - getting to know each other. (We did a little catering during that time too - couldn't help ourselves!)

James has settled in and we are now looking to the future of the business. Mark 2 of Eveleigh's doesn't have the cafe but we are cropping up, popping up and feeding hungry people all over Somerset!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next event!

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