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Delivered Ready Meals

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The current situation is entirely unique, and has taken most of us by surprise. Although the advice is changing on a daily basis one thing that remains is an absolute is the need to eat, and eat well.

There’s no reason a bit of mass quarantining should get in the way of a decent meal!

We are also aware that many of you have elderly relatives and people with health conditions who you may not be able to get to personally to give food to. So in order for us to be the most use in the current situation, whilst mitigating the risk to ourselves and our customers, we are moving to ready meals delivery service.

Stocks flex so please check availability with us.

Vegetarian Moussaka £6 (F) with Greek Salad £7.50 (v)

Mushroom Wellington serves two £12.00 (vg)

Vegetarian Lasagne £6 (F) with Salad and garlic ciabatta £7.50 (v)

Harissa Roasted Butternut Squash and Feta Parcel serves two £12.00 (v) Lamb Moussaka £6 (F) with Greek Salad £7.50

Shepherds Pie £6 (F) with Vegetables and gravy £7.50

Lasagne £6 (F) with Salad and garlic ciabatta £7.50

Goat Curry (F) £6


Steak and Ale Pie £6.75

Fish Pie (F) £6 with Vegetables £7.50

Chicken Pie + Mash £6.75 (F) and Vegetables £7.50

Chicken Dopiaza / Beef Madras with Rice (F) £7.50

Steak or bean Chilli + rice £6.75(*F) and salsa £7.50

Jerk Chicken with Rice and peas (*F) £.7.50

Cajun Chicken Breast, Jacket potato and coleslaw £7.50

*All of the freezable items are marked (F) and will keep for up to 3 months.

Supply chains have been disrupted and are unpredictable, we are therefore aiming to plan as much as possible and would like to gauge interest in order to meet demand.

In order to place an order or express an interest please email us at, or via our facebook page.

In order to minimise exposure we will also be taking payment electronically where possible via an online PayPal link.

We hope to increase the menu in the coming weeks, if demand proves high enough and supplies hold up. A huge thank you to our Butcher Mark at Tunley Farm Butchers who is doing all he can to keep us supplied as well as Tunley, Timsbury and the surrounding villages.

Best wishes to all of you.

Eveleigh’s Team.



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